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To add a delay to your job, simply include a delay parameter in your request options. The delay value should be in milliseconds.
Here's an example of a job request with a delay of 1 second (1000 milliseconds):
import axios from 'axios';'', {
"topic": "create-todo",
"target": "",
"method": "POST",
"data": {
"title": "foo",
"body": "bar",
"userId": 1
"options": {
"delay": 1000
}, {
headers: {
'X-NextCron-Token': "<insert_your_api_token>"
In this example, the job will be delayed by 1 second before being executed. This can be useful if you want to delay a job to allow time for other actions to complete first.
Remember that the delay value should be in milliseconds, so for a delay of 5 seconds, the value should be 5000.